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Cheapest Thermal Camera

Cheapest Thermal Camera

The cost of a thermal camera was approximately $50,000 during its first couple of years of production. Most of the price was due to the manufacture of optics and detectors. Thermal cameras had a limited market, consisting of infrared consultants, heavy industries, and utility companies.

The introduction of better technologies caused a significant reduction in production costs. One such innovation is the microbolometer detector that is present in most of today’s cameras. The technology does not need regular cooling and therefore uses less pricey materials in manufacture. This advantage allows the production of small designs and packages that diversify the style of the cheapest thermal camera.

Advantageous features of the cheapest thermal camera

The style you choose depends on the application. Here is a synopsis of the smallest thermal cameras in the market and their most common applications in most business areas,

Spot gun

These guns usually have a cost of between $100 and $300. The high-temperature sensors can cost up to $1500. They are excellent for measuring spot targets such as the forehead or ear. It is advisable that you avoid the spot gun if you want to measure a goal in the distance. A standard 8:1 spot gun can measure a target that is four feet away; hence you are likely to miss the particular problems of the imagery.

Spot detector

Combining the properties of a visual and thermal camera in a small cheap package ensures continuity of quality temperature monitoring. These cameras are rampant for electrical and mechanical equipment that need temperature sensing. You can use a spot detector to find fault in the following application areas:

  • Mass transit facilities
  • Storage facilities
  • Data centers
  • Manufacturing environments
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Energy generation plants

Smartphone attached cameras

The most user-friendly thermal cameras have an attachment to a smartphone camera such as the iPhone. The product has a design that allows the consumer to benefit from its portability. You can use the cheapest thermal camera on your phone to sense the sensitivity in a parking lot or abandoned area like the forest.

Minimal cooling

As stated earlier, the microbolometer detector is one of the best inventions for the thermal camera. The technology does not require active cooling and is therefore convenient in industries like the water restoration sector and heating and cooling industries. The industries took advantage of the technique immediately after its launch because it was highly applicable for the following activities:

  • Finding water sources
  • Reducing the risk of mold growths due to the presence of water in hidden places
  • Providing solid proof of mold and mildew to insurance companies
  • Locating areas with excess heating to fix a problematic AC system

Observers predict that the next wave of the cheapest thermal camera will have increased lightness, small sizes, and affordability. They will be easily accessible through regular online vendors because manufacturers will have a high demand for productions. These innovations will allow everyone to own a thermal camera, such as the ones available from Thermal Camera Solutions. Contact us today to own a small compact thermal camera that safeguards your family with reliable and consistent thermal displays.

Cheapest Thermal Camera
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